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Pinhole Journal is the copyrighted publication of non-profit Pinhole Resource.

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Pinhole Journal is the copyrighted publication of non-profit Pinhole Resource.

Pinhole Journal was published from 1985-2006. After 22 years of publishing, Pinhole Journal ended publication with the December, 2006 issue. 42 back issues are still available at special reduced prices. These will become valued collector’s items.

Pinhole Journal was published three times a year for the subscription price of $37.50. Each issue was 32 pages, 8-1/2″ high by 11″ wide, beautifully printed in color and black and white on clay-coated paper with no advertising except products available to pinhole photographers from Pinhole Resource.

Pinhole Journal published a wide variety of pinhole images/pinhole cameras from pinhole photographers around the world.

Pinhole Journal was renowned as the only periodical dedicated solely to pinhole photography.

We just found a number of more back issues of Pinhole Journal, the total is now 42 available!!!

We can ship a set of the available Pinhole Journal back issues within the US by USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail for approximately $20, price varies according to location within the US. Foreign Orders cost $75-$100 Priority mail which is the cheapest way to mail the set currently.

Any of the issues are also available at $2 per issue. Simply call us at 575-536-9942 to place an order for less than the full archive of 42!

Pinhole Journal 42 Back Issues Available:

Pinhole Journal Archive

Vol. 3#1 Images by Women
Vol. 4#2 Solar Recorders
Vol. 5#2 Multiples
Vol. 5#3 Flinders Petrie
Vol. 6#1 Figure Studies 2
Vol. 6#2 Cameras 2
Vol. 6#3 Still Life
Vol. 7#1 Landscape
Vol. 7#2 Apertures
Vol. 7#3 Self Portrait
Vol. 8#2 Cameras 3
Vol. 9#1 Portrait 3
Vol. 9#2 Elvis!!!
Vol.10#2 David Lebe
Vol.10#3 Contemporary Images 2
Vol.11#1 Contemporary Images 3
Vol.11#3 Contemporary European Pinhole Photography 1
Vol.12#2 Paolo Gioli
Vol.12#3 Zone Plate Images 2
Vol.13#1 Sarah Van Keuren
Vol.13#2 Contemporary European 2
Vol.16#1 Contemporary Images 6
Vol.16#2 Contemporary Images 7
Vol.16#3 Contemporary Images 8
Vol.17#1 Dominique Stroobant
Vol.17#2 Contemporary Images 9
Vol.18#1 Marnie Cardozo
Vol.18#2 Contemporary Images 10
Vol.18#3 Contemporary Images 11
Vol.19#1 The Enhanced Mishap
Vol.19#2 Contemporary Images 12
Vol.19#3 Portraits and Figures by Women
Vol.20#1 Interior/Exterior Spaces
Vol.20#2 Entropy and Chance
Vol.20#3 Contemporary Images 13
Vol.21#1 Michael Mideke
Vol.21#2 Circles and Squares
Vol.21#3 Contemporary Images 14
Vol.22#1 International Pinhole Photo Gallery 1
Vol.22#2 International Pinhole Photo Gallery 2
Vol.22#3 That’s All Folks

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