Pinhole Resource sells the highest quality digital Pinhole No Dust body caps for Canon EOS and Nikon Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras.

Pinhole Resource also sells the highest quality digital Zone Plate No Dust body caps for Canon EOSNikonHasselbladOlympusMinolta MaxxumPentax KLeicaSony NEXOlympus 4/3, and Micro 4/3.

Directions for use: Simply remove the lens while holding the camera toward the ground so that dust cannot enter onto the sensors easily. Quickly replace the open camera body with the Digital Pinhole or Zone Plate No Dust Body Cap. In bright sun the pinhole cap will image in about a second while the faster zone plate cap will image in about 1/20th of a second. 

If you have dust on the light sensors in your digital camera, it will show up as little dark spots on the final image. The spots will always be in the same place on every image. These dust spots usually DON’T appear on lens images. The dust is on the sensors, not on the pinhole or zone plate area of the bodycap. These dust spots appear on images made with the pinhole  or zone plate because the light intensity is so low.If you do notice dust on your images, it was there before you installed the bodycap. If you are unsure if the spots are dust, make a picture of a white wall by setting the camera on manual (with the lens back on) and make the image with the lens set out of focus. If the spots still show up in the image, it’s dust on your sensors! A little piece of dust or dirt on the pinhole will not show up as a little spot in the image. If dust shows up in the images carefully clean the camera following your camera manual instructions. The NO DUST pinhole and zone plate area on the bodycap should not get wet in rain.